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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

Dec 9, 2023

➤ Tesla teases a number of new features coming soon
➤ Bernstein calls TSLA short their best idea for 2024
➤ Tesla China sales and production
➤ Model Y standard range sells out
➤ Tesla executives meet in Thailand
➤ Model Y becomes second best-selling car in US
➤ Tesla adds pre-qualifying finance option

Dec 8, 2023

➤ Munro gives initial impressions of Cybertruck drive
➤ More details on Cybertruck referral prize
➤ Tesla’s senior director of Autopilot hardware
➤ Piper Sandler reiterates confidence in TSLA
➤ Finnish union intends to join strike
➤ Update on Sweden legal case
➤ Musk seeks...

Dec 7, 2023

➤ Tesla invites select reservation holders to complete Cybertruck orders
➤ More Cybertruck features shared
➤ Report out of China on Giga Shanghai expansion plans
➤ Unions threaten action outside of Sweden
➤ Tesla begins rolling holiday update to employees
➤ Ford expects tax credit loss on Mach E

Dec 6, 2023

➤ Munro interviews Musk:
➤ New comments on next-gen vehicles, Cybertruck
➤ EPA publishes Cybertruck certification report
➤ China sales continue to rise
➤ Tesla adjusts tax credit language for Model 3


Dec 5, 2023

➤ First Cybertruck reviews are in after the delivery event
➤ Cybertruck compared to other EVs
➤ Tesla offer additional discount to reservation holders
➤ Massive new Tesla Energy project
➤ Supercharger v4 expansion
➤ New firmware features
➤ Tesla China sales
➤ New Cybertruck merchandise
➤ Ford reports...