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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

Jan 31, 2023

➤ Competitors continue to respond to Tesla’s price cuts in a variety of ways
➤ Tesla adds promotional offers for Model S/X
➤ Research shows strong customer retention for Tesla
➤ Large number of Semis spotted
➤ Report of “spontaneous combustion” Tesla fire
➤ Shanghai adds EV incentive
➤ Mercedes...

Jan 27, 2023

➤ Tesla stock rallies after Q4 earnings report
➤ Recap of key points of emphasis from the earnings report
➤ Tesla discloses new credit line
➤ Motor Trend covers Tesla Semi:
➤ Update on possible Mexico factory
➤ Toyota CEO steps down


Jan 25, 2023

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➤ Tesla announces multibillion dollar expansion plans, new Semi production factory
➤ Tesla slightly increases Model Y price in the US
➤ Ford may sell factory to BYD in China
➤ Tesla Q4 earnings expectations


Jan 24, 2023

➤ Various data points regarding Tesla interest after price cuts
➤ Tesla inventory levels out
➤ UBS analysts see massive declines in automotive industry earnings
➤ Kia EV9 specs possibly leaked


Jan 21, 2023

➤ GM announces a nearly $1B investment plan
➤ Dan Ives bullish on Tesla in China after survey
➤ Tesla is a category winner in car of the year awards
➤ Tesla talks heat pump:
➤ Lucid discounts