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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

Feb 28, 2023

➤ Tesla achieves new production milestone at Giga Berlin
➤ Tesla adds new discounted Model S/X inventory
➤ S&P loyalty report shows Tesla dominance
➤ New Cybertruck video
➤ Tesla provides info on FSD Beta recall
➤ New Street Research shares next-gen expectations
➤ Update on Mexico
➤ BMW talks...

Feb 25, 2023

➤ Legacy automakers are under pressure from new dealership regulations in some states
➤ PCE report comes in higher than expected
➤ President of Mexico comments on Tesla
➤ Tesla lowers prices in Denmark
➤ Tesla files steel alloy patent
➤ Ford extends F-150 Lightning shutdown


Feb 24, 2023

➤ Tesla appears to tease new vehicle sketches in engineering update presentation
➤ Low jobless claims, revised PCE numbers
➤ Deutsche Bank increases TSLA price target
➤ Numerous rumors on Tesla hardware and software updates
➤ Cybertruck appearance at HQ update
➤ New wheel design spotted
➤ Tesla testing...

Feb 23, 2023

➤ Tesla announces headquarters update with California governor
➤ FOMC February meeting minutes
➤ Apparent FSD camera updates spotted
➤ More FSD Beta v11.3 impressions
➤ New Cybertruck prototype videos
➤ Lucid earnings report and 2023 guidance
➤ SpaceX adjusts Starlink prices


Feb 22, 2023

➤ Leaked FSD Beta v11.3 release notes
➤ Hardware 4.0 and generation 3 rumors
➤ Driver shares thoughts on Tesla Semi
➤ Tesla signs offtake agreement for anode materials
➤ China insured vehicle report
➤ Toyota US EV plans
➤ SpaceX update