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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

Jun 28, 2023

➤ Volvo agrees to adopt NACS
➤ SAE fast tracks standardization of NACS
➤ Tesla sets record in China
➤ Tesla brand loyalty shows strength
➤ Chargepoint readies NACS
➤ Stellantis announces charging efforts
➤ Tesla ads

Jun 27, 2023

➤ TSLA stock downgraded by Goldman Sachs
➤ Deutsche Bank increases delivery estimates
➤ New Cybertruck details
➤ Highland rumors
➤ Giga Mexico report
➤ Spain may be out of factory race
➤ Tesla appears to dip toes into ads
➤ Musk comments on FSD
➤ Starship static fire
➤ Calendar


Jun 24, 2023

➤ New looks at Cybertruck production processes
➤ Tesla updates Cybertruck reservation page
➤ New Cybertruck patent
➤ Ron Baron expects TSLA to double
➤ Acquisition update
➤ Another state pushes for NACS
➤ Calendar


Jun 23, 2023

➤ Rumors on Tesla’s Model 3 refresh
➤ Morgan Stanley downgrades TSLA stock
➤ Cybertrucks spotted in pairs
➤ China extends NEV purchase tax exemption
➤ Musk comments on Dojo, auto wipers, and smart summon
➤ Tesla scores poorly in initial quality survey
➤ Ford conditionally approved for DOE loan


Jun 22, 2023

➤ Tesla subtly drops huge news on AI targets
➤ Barclays downgrades TSLA stock
➤ Musk comments after meeting with Indian prime minister
➤ Tesla reportedly makes stealth acquisition
➤ Texas to require NACS for funding
➤ Giga Texas expansion
➤ Tesla Energy paying off in Texas
➤ Tesla tops most-American car...