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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

Jan 17, 2024

Rob Maurer shares a number of personal announcements.


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Jan 13, 2024

➤ Initial impressions from first non-employee Cybertruck owner
➤ PPI comes in lower than expected
➤ Point-of-sale EV credit implementation
➤ Model Y 7-seat price increase
➤ Price cuts in China
➤ Piper Sandler note on TSLA
➤ New voice-assist features added in China
➤ Covered vehicles spotted by drone

Jan 12, 2024

➤ Hertz announces plans to sell significant portion of EV fleet
➤ CPI report slightly higher than expected
➤ Tesla reportedly plans temporary Giga Berlin pause
➤ Non-employee Cybertruck orders receive VINs, delivery may be scheduled
➤ Tesla reportedly informs workers of pay increases
➤ Tesla announces...

Jan 11, 2024

➤ The Model 3 Highland has arrived in North America
➤ Delivery wait times extend after initial estimates
➤ Report on possible India factory
➤ More inventory data
➤ Update on Cummins settlement
➤ SpaceX completes direct to cell test


Jan 10, 2024

➤ New video posted by SpaceX offers evidence relating to a Wall St. Journal report on Elon Musk
➤ New China sales data
➤ Giga Mexico report
➤ Model 3 Highland briefly appears on Tesla US site
➤ Advertising discussion
➤ Honda announces Series 0 EVs