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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

May 27, 2022

➤ TSLA stock continues to rally, has the share price bottomed?
➤ Credit Suisse issues new Tesla note after visit to Fremont
➤ NHTSA seeks more information on recent Tesla fire
➤ Twitter shareholders sue Elon Musk
➤ New study shows Tesla driver safety
➤ JD Power reports on EV consideration
➤ Rivian makes...

May 26, 2022

➤ Legacy auto brands “could disappear” from China according to automotive CEO
➤ Jefferies reduces TSLA price target, cites Elon Musk concerns
➤ Tesla prepares for fourth ship from Shanghai
➤ Shanghai port capacity begins to normalize
➤ Tesla files for business in Thailand
➤ BYD announces more details on...

May 26, 2022

➤ New SEC filing from Elon Musk updates Twitter financing and implications for TSLA stock
➤ Musk comments on Tesla’s valuation
➤ Reuters reports on SEC’s battle with Elon Musk
➤ Update on Giga Berlin expansion
➤ Some Tesla deliveries temporarily on hold in EU
➤ Indonesian minister comments on Tesla...

May 25, 2022

➤ TSLA stock drops to 11-month low, hits 50% drop from previous high
➤ Discussion on investing mindset
➤ Daiwa Securities lowers TSLA price target
➤ Giga Shanghai production update
➤ Volkswagen comments on supply chain outlook
➤ Toyota cuts production forecast
➤ Tesla dominates US premium segment
➤ FSD...

May 24, 2022

➤ Tesla takes steps to ramp back up production at Giga Shanghai, plus a look at how Q2 production might shake out
➤ Update on Giga Berlin
➤ IDRA teases 9000-ton Giga Press
➤ Tesla set to speak at Hot Chips conference
➤ Multiple Tesla fires reported over the weekend
➤ Tesla submits plans for elaborate...