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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

Jul 29, 2022

➤ TSLA stock continues to fly as Elon Musk comments on stabilizing costs
➤ Core PCE rises
➤ Kimbal Musk exercises options, comments on Tesla’s outlook
➤ Elon Musk provides update on FSD Beta 10.13
➤ Munro extracts first 4680 cell
➤ Tesla launches cloud profiles
➤ Energy storage makes impact in Hawaii

Jul 29, 2022

➤ Newly proposed changes to electric vehicle, solar, and energy storage tax credits have massive industry-wide implications
➤ Link to marked-up proposal:
➤ GDP estimated to decline in Q2
➤ Amazon, Apple rise after earnings reports


Jul 28, 2022

➤ Tesla’s production targets reported after downtime at Giga Berlin
➤ Stocks rally after Fed meeting
➤ Senators Manchin and Schumer announce agreement on major bill
➤ Munro & Associates continue 4680 battery pack teardown
➤ Tesla and Neoen receive new approval on battery project
➤ Ford beats earnings...

Jul 27, 2022

➤ Market updates as big week continues
➤ Elon Musk plans to put head down, focus on mission
➤ Tesla expands insurance product to new states
➤ New software update changes range prediction calculations
➤ GM reports earnings, highlighting Tesla’s dominance
➤ Germany to reduce EV incentives
➤ More insight on...

Jul 26, 2022

➤ Discussing new disclosures from Tesla’s second quarter 10-Q filing
➤ Big week for macroeconomic reports, earnings
➤ Giga Berlin reportedly tests new processes during downtime
➤ Shanghai factory rumors
➤ FSD Beta 10.13 updates
➤ Elon Musk denies Wall St. Journal report
➤ Herbert Diess out as Volkswagen...