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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

Aug 25, 2021

➤ Tesla could be setting up for a huge Q3 delivery/production beat
➤ Reported July production for Tesla in China
➤ Tesla lists new humanoid job posting after AI Day
➤ Elon Musk says FSD Beta 9.2 is “not great”
➤ Wall St. analysts react to Tesla’s AI Day
➤ Tesla applies to become electricity provider in Texas
➤ Report on Ford F-150 Lightning production targets
➤ NHTSA considering increased emissions fines
➤ House of Representatives votes on $3.5 trillion budget resolution

Tesla Referral:

Plaid producer Who Why
Executive producer Jeremy Cooke
Executive producer Troy Cherasaro
Executive producer Andre/Maria Kent
Executive producer Jessie Chimni
Executive producer Jeffrey Yu
Executive producer John Beans
Music by Evan Schaeffer

Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives