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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

Mar 17, 2023

➤ Tesla files expansion plans for Giga Berlin
➤ Banks back First Republic
➤ Clarification on prior episode
➤ Tesla tops JD Power home charging survey
➤ Polestar teases EV update
➤ Starship update


Mar 16, 2023

➤ Tesla wait times increase in Europe
➤ Bank fears continue
➤ PPI report below expectations
➤ Tesla plans to continue rolling out V11 FSD Beta
➤ Refreshed S/X arrive in China
➤ Tesla wins defamation suit in China
➤ V4 Supercharger officially opens
➤ Tesla adds steering wheel retrofit to shop

Mar 15, 2023

➤ Tesla sales are surging in China ahead of quarter end
➤ Contact form:
➤ CPI comes in higher than expectations
➤ Elon Musk, BYD comment on report
➤ V4 Supercharger update
➤ Tesla releases branding iron
➤ OpenAI releases GPT-4


Mar 14, 2023

➤ Fed backs bank depositors as SVB, Signature Bank collapse
➤ Rate expectations drop
➤ Various Tesla SEC filings
➤ Wolfe Research downgrades TSLA stock
➤ Report on Tesla’s use of BYD batteries
➤ Tesla opens up Powerwall sales
➤ Tesla releases updates safety report
➤ Report on Plaid Model S top...

Mar 10, 2023

➤ Silicon Valley Bank collapses, stoking fear in markets
➤ Unemployment rises
➤ Tesla China production and sales report
➤ BYD cuts price, dealer reportedly pushes Tesla misinformation
➤ Materials partner reports
➤ Tesla lists jobs for new gigafactory
➤ Microsoft mentions GPT-4 launch