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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

Jun 23, 2020

➤ Tesla CEO Elon Musk postpones Tesla's 2020 annual shareholder meeting and tentatively reschedules it to coincide with Tesla's battery day
➤ Musk discusses several product announcements on Twitter including for Autopilot, Model Y, and Tesla's on-screen functionality
➤ Musk comments on TSLA's valuation, the highest of any automaker
➤ Jay Leno reviews the Tesla Model Y on Jay Leno's Garage
➤ California proposal regarding electric trucks


Ludicrous producer Fred Hassen
Executive producer Rish Singh
Executive producer Jeremy Cooke
Executive producer Nick Wood
Executive producer Troy Cherasaro
Executive producer Bradford Ferguson
Executive producer Andre Kent
Executive producer Bryce Langlotz
Music by Evan Schaeffer

Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives