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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

Aug 29, 2020

➤ Tesla has faced criticism for its reliance on regulatory credit sales to achieve full-year GAAP profitability and S&P 500 inclusion eligibility. Today's episode explores this argument and other considerations that should be made when discussing TSLA's profitability.
➤ California approves budget of hundreds of...

Aug 28, 2020

➤ Tesla CEO Elon Musk gives some new hints on Tesla’s upcoming Battery Day and what Tesla is teasing in the background image on the Battery Day webpage
➤ Walking through Tesla’s tabless battery patent
➤ Sandy Munro reports on some updates from a new Model Y
➤ Tesla prepares to open a new high-capacity...

Aug 27, 2020

Founder & CEO of New Constructs, David Trainer, joins Rob Maurer of Tesla Daily to discuss the recently published research by New Constructs which calls TSLA stock "The Most Dangerous Stock for Fiduciaries". David and Rob discuss valuation metrics, profitability, risk vs. reward, long-term growth,...

Aug 26, 2020

➤ Tesla China posts infographic detailing improvements to the Tesla Model Y from Tesla's one-piece casting machine
➤ California fires lead to evacuation orders and warnings near Tesla's Fremont factory
➤ A new application from Tesla may show Tesla's plans to update the trim on the Tesla Model 3


Aug 25, 2020

➤ Tesla announces event details for upcoming Battery Day & annual shareholder meeting and includes a background image which may be a teaser for the events
➤ Discussion on silicon nanowire anode battery technology and a battery startup which has moved their headquarters next to Tesla’s Fremont facilities: Amprius...