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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

Aug 31, 2022

➤ Rumors of new innovations for Tesla’s 4680 batteries:
➤ Tesla files for battery-related building permit in Fremont
➤ More thoughts on the new advanced manufacturing production credits
➤ Tesla challenges dealership laws in Louisiana
➤ FSD Beta 10.61.1 begins rolling out
➤ J.D....

Aug 30, 2022

➤ The Inflation Reduction Act changes more than the EV tax credit, it outlines massive credits for battery production putting billions at stake for Tesla and others
➤ Analysts continue to react to Giga Berlin tours
➤ Checking in on power restrictions in Sichuan, China
➤ 4608 packs pile up at Giga Texas
➤ Elon...

Aug 26, 2022

➤ Tesla opens orders for RWD Model Y across Europe
➤ Market falls after Fed comments
➤ Tesla to leverage SpaceX technology
➤ Jefferies updates targets after Berlin tour
➤ Panasonic reportedly planning another US factory
➤ Ford raises Mach-E pricing
➤ Musk’s request called absurdly broad in Twitter...

Aug 25, 2022

➤ Analysts react to tours of Giga Berlin
➤ Rumors on Giga Berlin production rates
➤ FSD Beta release schedule update
➤ Ron Baron comments on Tesla and SpaceX investment expectations
➤ Nvidia discusses Tesla GPU purchase
➤ Tesla sends cease and desist letter to Dan O’Dowd
➤ Toyota EVP pursues gaslighting...

Aug 25, 2022

➤ Tesla completes final trading day before stock split
➤ China automakers lagging behind Tesla profitability in China
➤ Giga Texas production rumor
➤ Tesla presents at Hot Chips conference
➤ Hot Chips 1:
➤ Hot Chips 2:
➤ California plans to ban ICE sales by...