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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

Nov 29, 2023

➤ Numerous new Cybertruck details appear in Tesla app
➤ China sales
➤ Tesla adjust pricing and incentives in China
➤ More Superchargers open to other EVs in China
➤ Tesla reportedly considering Thailand investment
➤ German EV credit may be at risk
➤ Dealers push Biden to slow down on EVs
➤ GM reportedly...

Nov 28, 2023

➤ Cybertruck deliveries finally begin this week
➤ FSD v12 starts to roll out to Tesla employees
➤ Reports regarding FSD in China
➤ Tesla adds more inventory discounts
➤ Tesla to consider investing in xAI
➤ Sweden moves quickly on license plate issue
➤ Model 3 Performance report
➤ Analyst note
➤ Hyundai...

Nov 22, 2023

➤ Tesla reportedly closing in on agreement relating to next factory
➤ Indonesia comments on investment plans
➤ Tesla raises Model Y price in China
➤ China sales update
➤ FSD update
➤ Cybertruck on display on more stores
➤ Supercharger idle fee adjustment
➤ Ford announces updated battery factory plans

Nov 21, 2023

➤ Cybertrucks begin being displayed at Tesla stores
➤ New official Cybertruck specs from Tesla
➤ Battery size rumor
➤ Analyst updates from Jefferies, Piper Sandler
➤ More Tesla ads
➤ Rumors of FSD expansion
➤ Registration update in Texas
➤ Antitrust lawsuit dismissed
➤ OpenAI drama continues
➤ Cruise...

Nov 18, 2023

➤ Musk faces backlash by White House and others on X comments
➤ Report regarding Cybertruck delivery plans
➤ Tesla video ad campaign update
➤ Rumored continuation of China price changes
➤ Sweden strike update
➤ Firmware details
➤ OpenAI announces CEO departure
➤ Chanos shuts down hedge fund