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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

Jan 28, 2022

➤ Does the comparison of Tesla and Amazon’s business hold up to further scrutiny?
➤ ARK Invest returns to buying TSLA shares
➤ Tesla product updates
➤ Elon Musk comments on FSD and Tesla Solar
➤ Another piece of Tesla’s guidance
➤ Looking ahead to next week


Jan 28, 2022

➤ Tesla stock has dropped hard after Tesla’s Q4 earnings report, here is what investors need to understand about what how TSLA is currently being priced
➤ New Cybertruck photos
➤ Moody’s upgrades Tesla’s debt rating


Jan 27, 2022

➤ Rob Maurer recaps Tesla's Q4-21 earnings report and conference call

➤ Earnings report reaction:

➤ Earnings call and reaction:

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Jan 25, 2022

➤ Rob Maurer previews Tesla's Q4 earnings report with detailed forecasts and consensus estimates
➤ YouTube link:

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Plaid producer Who Why

Jan 25, 2022

➤ Leaked photos and videos of new Cybertruck prototype show new details
➤ Wild market volatility continues heading into huge week
➤ Rumor on Tesla Supercharging rates
➤ Tesla files lawsuit against investment bank
➤ Tesla’s Fremont factory recognized for production level
➤ International updates
➤ Report...